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Small but Powerful. No more memory-clearing hassle with format free technology


THINKWARE’s proprietary Format Free Technology reduces the need for manual formatting of your microSD memory cards.
Now you can save the hassle of manually clearing memory space when using the THINKWARE Dash Cam H50. The THINKWARE Dash Cam H50 not only acts as a reliable eyewitness in the case of an incident, it is also your best protection against insurance frauds and road



Capture the Crucial Moments in HD

With a 720p HD camera,
the THINKWARE Dash Cam H50 is able to record bright and clear videos that capture the crucial details of any incidents. Recording at 30 frames per second without dropping a single frame, you can rely on the H50 to capture every moment of your commute in high definition – be it an incident or an unexpected hit-and-run.



products_x150_wideview See more with a 120˚ Wide Angle View

The THINKWARE Dash Cam H50 has a 120˚ wide viewing angle for maximum visibility, capturing a wider view of the roads.

Everything is Sharp and Clear

The 2M pixel high-resolution CMOS Image sensor significantly improves the video quality even at night. With THINKWARE Dash Cam H50, everything is crystal clear and sharp.


Optional Built-in GPS tells you the whole story

With an add on GPS antenna, the H50 embeds speed, time and location data to the recorded videos to give you all the crucial information you need after an incident.

The user can also review their driving route and history with the integrated maps function in the THINKWARE PC Viewer.




 products_h50_gsensor products_x300_functionalviewer
Accelerometer G-Sensor

The X, Y, Z axes of the G sensor allow you to measure fluctuations in gravity, speed or rotation. At a glance, you can understand the axial movement and impact during an accident

Viewer for Checking Clear and Precise Video

Through PC Viewer (Non-Mac Compatible),  you can playback rear and front videos, and download recorded videos with information on your driving history and speed. With just a few clicks on the viewer, you can change the dash cam setting, format the memory card or update the firmware


 products_h50_easymounting products_x300_self-protection  products_h50_fastprocessor
Easy Mounting and Firm FixingUse the 3M tape to easily mount the Dash Cam. The rear camera can rotate up to 360 degrees and easily be installed, regardless of the vehicle model or interior items (indoor curtains, etc.)


Automatic Temperature Sensitive Shutdown ProtectionSpecially designed heat-discharging structure and high-temperature-blocking functions safely protect the product and its images stored under the strong sunlight.

 Processor with Optimized Performance

EvenThe Cortex-A5 CPU is one of the smallest and most mature processors in the market, delivering high-end features and multiprocessing capability for energy-efficient performance. It ensures that the H50 can carry out its main tasks and functions stably without interruption.