Front Full HD &  Rear HD 2CH / 30fps / 1080P FULL HD & HD 2CH / 24fps / 3.5” Touch LCD

See Everything Clearer

With a 1080p Full HD camera, the THINKWARE Dash Cam X150 is able to record high definition quality video that
captures the crucial details of any incidents you may encounter while driving.

Recording at 24 frames per second without dropping a single frame,
you can rely on the X150 to accurately capture every moment of your commute – be it an incident or an unexpected a hit-and-rundriving.



Capture the Crucial Moments in Full HD with 3.5 ” Touch Screen

With a 1080p Full HD Front and HD Rear camera,
the X150 is able to record pristine quality video that captures the crucial details of any incidents you may encounter while driving.

In addition, with the 3.5” touchscreen LCD viewfinder,
you can instantly view the footage you have just recorded instead of doing the long drive home to view it on a computer screen.
You can also configure the dash cam with the touchscreen viewfinderdriving.



 products_x150_gsensor products_x300_functionalviewer
 Accelerometer G-Sensor – The X, Y, Z axes of the G sensor allow you to measure fluctuations in gravity, speed or rotation. At a glance, you can understand the axial movement and impact during an accident, in other words, being able to determine the direction of impact via the THINKWARE DASH CAM PC/MAC VIEWER.  Viewer for Checking Clear and Precise Video – With smart functions and interface kept simple for first time users, THINKWARE DASH CAM allows you to easily and conveniently playback recorded videos. Through PC or Mac viewer, you can playback rear and front videos, and download recorded videos with information on your driving history and speed. With just a few clicks on the viewer, you can change the dash cam setting, format the memory card or update the firmware.




 products_x150_easymounting  products_x300_self-protection products_x150_fail_safe_recording
Easy Mounting and Firm Fixing – When using a 3M tape, it firmly secures the camera to the screen so no vibration is generated. The 3M tape firmly attaches to the screen regardless of impact, low or high temperature. While minimizing reflections from the car window, the 3M tape allows users to firmly attach it to their desired spot. Easy Mounting and Firm Fixing – Automatic Temperature Sensitive Shutdown Protection – Specially designed heat-discharging structure and high-temperature-blocking functions safely protect the product and its images stored under the strong sunlight. If the temperature rises and exceeds a certain level, the SELF-PROTECTION SHUTDOWN function will automatically switch off the device to protect the stored videos. Secure FAIL-SAFE RECORDING – Even if the power is automatically turned off, the recorded video is safely saved. If the power is turned off accidentally due to a car accident or malfunction; or if the power supply to the dash cam is blocked, you can use the FAIL-SAFE RECORDING to safely preserve the videos being recorded. Now, even if the dash cam power is turned off accidently, you can still safely view the recorded video.