Thinkware is a leading global provider and preferred consumer choice of location-based services and innovative smart car IT solutions, offering an expanding line of smart solutions including car navigation and dashboard cameras.

Installed as standard in 10 of the world’s leading car brands and with 144 quality control stages and the support of 400 employees, it’s no surprise that Thinkware commands 45% of the Korean market and is known as the world’s leading dash cam brand. 


of the world’s leading car brands


quality control stages




of the Korean market

Thinkware is putting customers first in over 800 cities worldwide including London, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto. We are committed to improving lives everywhere by bringing to you comfort and convenience through Life Innovation. 


Thinkware Singapore provides retail, installation and after-sales support and warranty services locally in Singapore. Whether your dash cam comes installed as standard with your car purchase and you wish to upgrade or add on features, or you want to buy and install a reliable, hi-tech dash cam in your existing vehicle to stay connected 24/7, the team at Thinkware Singapore is committed to ensuring you get all the support you need.

The World’s Leading Dash Cam Brand


From unpleasant road incidents to beautiful road trips, Dash Cam – camera mounted in cars, is a dependable car companion that captures and securely stores all your driving journeys. Dash cams have gained massive popularity in recent years with their importance in providing video evidence during traffic accidents.
THINKWARE has established a wide distribution network in the North American market, covering major cities in the Americas and Canada and brought into Singapore in 2010. With our innovative technologies that provide reliable, award-winning products and a customer-oriented mindset that assures quality after-service,THINKWARE Dash Cam™ is the global leading brand for your dash cam choice. Experience our high performance Dash Cam. Replay your driving memories with Thinkware Dash Cam™. Exclusively powered by Thinkware Singapore, the leader in car electronics distribution.

History and Achievement

* Star Merchant Award 2020 - General Accessories Honoree
* Red Dot Design Award 2017
* 2017 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA)
* CES Innovation Awards 2017 Honoree for THINKWARE Dash Cam F800 
* CES Innovation Awards 2015 Honoree for THINKWARE Dash Cam F750
* THINKWARE Dash Cam F550 achieved a Grand Slam of Design Awards for Functionality and Ease of Use
* iF Design Award 2014



A dependable witness to every event

The roads are never as safe as you think they are. Accidents do happen and your car could easily be one of the statistics. In such stressful circumstances, it is often difficult for drivers to recall the crucial details surrounding the incident. And if your car is parked and you are not around to witness the damage, you can only rely on witnesses, if there are any. With a Thinkware Dash Cam as your 24/7 reliable witness, the truth wins out so you don’t have to bear the cost of liability when the video shows you are not at fault. With Thinkware Dash Cam, you can feel at ease knowing that there is always a dependable, silent witness with you at all times.