HushMat Trunk Kit - 10 Sheets 12" x 23" ea - Silver (Part Number : 10301)
HushMat Trunk Kit - 10 Sheets 12" x 23" ea - Silver (Part Number : 10301)

HushMat Trunk Kit - 10 Sheets 12" x 23" ea - Silver (Part Number : 10301)

$339.90 SGD

Reduce that aftermarket exhaust drone, road noise, vibration and the noise that disrupts your ride and blocks the great sound coming from your stereo - with one USA Made material - lightweight HushMat Ultra.

Have you ever built or purchased a sub-woofer enclosure out of metal? Heck no right! Well - if you place a subwoofer in your truck without HushMat anti vibration Ultra treatment - that is exactly what you have done. The sound pressure from the speaker causes the metal and plastic in the trunk to vibrate. This reduces the bass from your subwoofer. The energy from the subwoofer is absorbed by the constant flexing of your trunk reducing the sound that you paid for. Treat the trunk floor, trunk lid and quarter panels with HushMat Ultra and stop this loss of bass! Get what you paid for - great sounding bass with HushMat! 

The HushMat trunk kit treats the metal and plastic in the trunk insulating the metal and the trim panels reducing vibration. With HushMat the woofer hits the sound pressure does not flex the metal surrounding the trunk and stops the vibration from occurring. Better sound and MORE BASS from HushMat guaranteed!

Did you also know there is over 200 degrees of heat cooking your firewall and floor pan? That's right - your engine, headers, manifold & exhaust generate tremendous heat that transfers to the metal firewall & floor - this heats up your vehicle interior. This creates a very uncomfortable ride, especially in the summer! This also forces your AC system to work harder to reduce & maintain comfortable temperatures inside your vehicle. HushMat is the solution to reduce thermal transfer into your interior. HushMat's proprietary USA manufactured visco-elastic chemistry dissipates this heat insulating your interior causing less load on you're A/C system - making your vehicle significantly cooler. HushMat Ultra is proven in an independent study to lower this temperature by over 40%.

HushMat Ultra - designed for the automotive industry OEM's(Ford, Chrysler, GM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Honda) for over 25 years. HushMat is the only OEM specified and approved sound deadening & thermal insulating material available to the automotive aftermarket.

  • Main Dash Cam Unit 
  • SD card ( dependent on what size you selected)
  • Windshield Mount
  • Mount with 3M tape (1 each) 
  • 12V Power Cable or Hardwiring Cable
  • Adhesive Cable Holder (3 each) 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Warranty Card 


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